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Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda refers to five therapeutic measures (Karmas) to be undertaken for complete Detoxification of body. The Panchakarma treatment includes five Ayurvedic therapies: Vaman (Medicated Emesis) Virechan (Purgation) Nasyam (Nasal Instillation) Kashay Basti (Enema) Sneha Basti (Enema)


Ahbyangam INR 3000 INR 2500 A full body massage (Head to Toe) done with medicated herbal oils. A standard procedure with specific strokes helps in mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Benefits Massages are beneficial in preventing wrinkles and scales, relieving aches & pains,curing Spondylosis, Sleep disorders, Paralysis, improving physical consistency, inducing sound sleep, increasing general sense of well being and life span.Advised atlest once every 15 days Mode of action Long flowing strokes in Abhyangam stimulates nerve endings to increase blood circulation & channelise early elimination of toxins from the body. The herbs in the medicated oils rejuvenate the tissues and play a vital role in elimination of toxins and bring about a feeling of general wellbeing. Contraindications Not advised in acute illnesses and fever, emaciation,extreme obesity, during heavy menstruation, Just after a heart attack. True 1519051557
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